About Me

Hi there, my name is Marc Frappier. About Marc

I was pretty much born and raised in the poultry business. It is a family business that
has been functioning for over 50 years. We have two breeder farms and a chicken hatchery which can produce close to one million baby chicks per month.

When I was old enough, I worked summers and holidays at the feed store. My dad
would take me on his farm visits where I was taught about the proper techniques
of rearing breeders into production. I learned all the little tricks that can
make a breeder flock successful.

At the hatchery, I worked in the egg-traying room, incubator loading and transfer and
finally pulling off the baby chicks from the hatchers. Later I learned the techniques
of proper chick selection, feather sexing and vaccination process.

After graduating high school, I studied Poultry science at Texas A&M University in Texas. After four years and an internship with Plantation Foods, a turkey company
out of Waco, Texas, I worked with Tyson Foods at one of their processing plants.

During my initial training at Tyson Foods, I worked on breeder farms, broiler farms, feed mill and finally at the processing plant. Here I was able to pick up certain
techniques which also ensure the success of a breeder and broiler flocks.

I have now been working in the family business for the past 24 years. I have been able to apply what I learned and have made great improvements in flock
performance like more eggs per hen housed and greater percentage of hatching eggs. I was also able to tweak the rearing process and have decreased initial chick mortality by about 3 points.

Also, I have improved our hatchability by about 5-6 points, we are now hatching around 87-89%. With a few tweaks in temperature and humidity in both setters and hatchers, chick quality has improved also. We now get less culls per hatch.

I continue to keep up to date with the latest information pertaining to broilers and breeders as well as incubation tips.

Over the past years I was had a lot of people ask for my help on raising chickens, whether it be for commercial or recreational purposes. Also, there were those who wanted to produce their own fertile eggs and hatch them at home.

So, I decided I would put up this web site and provide those interested with useful information on how to raise chickens yourself.

I hope you find the information I provide useful.

Thanks for visiting my site.


Founder of raising-chickens-yourself