Poultry Production

Raising poultry has become one of the largest past times all over the world. Whether it be for fun, learning, or profit, raising poultry has entered many peoples’ lives.

There are probably many of you who think that raising poultry might be as easy as placing the birds in an enclosed area, give them food and water and watch them grow. Well, it isn’t all that simple.

Raising poultry doesn’t have to be difficult but it does require some careful planning in order to make it work.

Factors such as proper flooring, lighting, floor space, water and feeder space, heating, ventilation, brooders, feeders, type of feed, nests (if you are going to deal with layers), are all critical factors that need to be considered before actually receiving the young chicks.

Disease prevention, control, and bio-security also need to be addressed prior and during the time you have your birds.

So, If you would like to learn more about raising chickens yourself, please read through my articles and leave a comment.

Wishing you the best.